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The King of Fighters-i


King of Fighters – i or KOF-i or KOFi for the iOS is a cool port of this popular fighting game for iPhone and iPad users. I’ve been enjoying playing with it for quite a while now and I have to admit that this review will be extremely biased as I am an avid fan of the KOF series way back from their first ever game released in 1994!

Old school gamers will be disappointed with the games noobish control system – with very easy to use “Simple Special Buttons”. This means you can pull off supers and specials with a button and a direction. The game does not however stop you from using the regular buttons so its not a deal breaker. What I didn’t like though is that you are limited to just 1 punch and 1 kick button combination instead of the usual 4 (light and fierce layout). I was like “bummer”.

The actual game itself is fun, set in various backgrounds that feature things from wrought iron patio furniture to old and familiar KOF characters. Although they are not animated – just seeing the USA team watch from the sidelines makes me a happy camper.

The gameplay is based on the recent KOF XIII, with its HD, cancels and EX systems – which I’m not much of a fan of, but since its KOF, they always have to put in new stuff, regardless if it is excessive or not. What makes the game really worth while for me though is the ability to get cool KOF related images in the gallery as you finish the game and conquer challenges. The challenge and combo training portion is also really cool.

The game is an absolute must have for KOF Fans, and new comers are also welcome with its simplified controls and interface.

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