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The Avengers – Movie Review


Avengers is definitely the movie to beat this year, with its all-star cast, all-super hero gimmick and top notch graphics. We were blessed to receive free tickets for the first day on a 3D cinema and ofcourse we went for it.

The movie was nothing less than awesome, being a marvel fanboy since I was a kid everything was like a dream come true. Seeing my favorite marvel superheroes come to life and join forces is simply grand! Everything went great, my only qualm was with the so-so story line and the wimpy villain. I was expecting to see some real bad-ass villains and not just a rehash on Thor’s lousy villain – I guess the writers knew it wasn’t really that good which was why they did not show too much of Loki on their teasers!

Loki or no Loki though, the movie is worth every penny and the unexpected humorous twists make watching the movie even more enjoyable. It could have gotten a 6, but I still give it a 5 out of 5.

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