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Pedal and Paddle


Pedal and Paddle is a relatively new activity area in Quezon Circle. My son has recently been so hooked with the kiddie go-kart rides that they offer so much so that he prefers going there over going to a comfortable air-conditioned mall.

Since we discovered Pedal and Paddle – Saturday mornings have been very active. We will usually be preparing our sports wear, although we don’t have brabantia ironing boards, we do make sure our outdoor attire is ironed and ready for a day of exercise.

Pedal and Paddle is a pay-to-enter area, but the entrance is really cheap and is easily justified by the clean surrounding and cool rides. My son’s favorite is ofcourse the Go-Kart ride where even I sometimes accompany him. Kids and adults ride big gokarts that are run by a mechanical pedal like an ordinary bicycle. This makes the activity fun and at the same time healthy as you will be sweating yourself up to make the go-kart move.

The area also has a nice boating area where people can ride various boats, swans and water bikes. There are also kiddie rides on the area where you drop coins to operate. Another favorite of my son is a simple train ride located at the center.

There is also a picnic area, a few life size dinosaur displays, and a number of real birds like Macau’s on display. For adults, there isn’t much to do, but for kids – its definitely a fun place. I give it a 5, definitely recommended if you are near the area.

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