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Easter Sunrise Service

Our church traditionally holds an early morning Easter service – hence the term sunrise used, but this year we were hoping to give it an evangelism twist – not only in the message and design, but also with its venue. We chose to do hold an outdoor church service in a covered basketball court within our community – so that the message could reach people outside our church walls.

Since every one is busy at the start of summer – it made it really hard to prepare for Easter. With little time to spare for planning and practice, we didn’t think that our Easter would even push through, but thankfully it did! And not only did it push through – it went really well – we got support from unexpected resources – providing sound system, chairs, venue safety and even a cool elevated stage – and we got it all for free.

The elevated stage was a pleasant surprise, realized only within a few days from the event, made the prepared dramas and songs more visible. We heard a lot of good compliments with the sound system we used – we did not have top of the line brands, but they did have a powerful amp and speaker system complete with monitors – resulting in a clear and great sounding songs.

Through God’s grace, the event went way better than how we were expecting it to be, allowing us to plant important seeds in the fertile soil that is our community.

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