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Sun Vision aka SkyCable – Review


Sun Vision Cable has been the sole cable service provider here in our area for a very long time. They used to be a small company that is not related to the big cable television providers, that is until recently when they officially became part of Sky Cable. This new change forced us subscribers in Tagig to also be part of SkyCable whether we like it or not.

I didn’t have much complaints about Sun Vision, but when Sky Cable came in late last year, it brought with them the dreaded Digital Box that rendered our room TV as just a clone of the main one, and it also nullifies all the essential features of our LCD TV since it will be locked on just one channel, we can’t even use our TV’s remote anymore, instead we are stuck with the sucky remote that came with the Digibox. If only the cable signal improved, people would not be complaining, but sadly it didn’t make much of a difference.

To be fair, we did like the ability to pick our own plan, and the idea of picking your preferred channel is also nice albeit limited. We might also try to purchase movies in the future, but if a new comer cable company becomes available here in our area – that does not come with a digibox – we will definitely consider switching cable service providers.

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  1. the worst cable provider ive ever known

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