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New Prepaid Load Expiration Validity for Globe, Smart, Talk and Text, Sun Cellular, and Touch Mobile Subscribers

I have good news to all Globe, Smart, Sun, Touch Mobile, Sun Cellular, and Talk and Text Subcribers. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has finally done it’s job and ordered these telecoms to extend the validity of loads. This is such a wonderful news to a person like me who hasn’t loaded up her cell phone for months now because the loads just keep on expiring without being used up. I’d rather turn on the laptop and communicate through YM or chikka – at least it’s free. But now I’ll be able to use my cellphone again, thanks to NTC for doing it’s job finally and to Senator Enrile for being the highest ranking government official to stand up against these companies which led to something worthwhile. As of today, July 19, the abovementioned companies have promised that the new expiry validity load should have been in effect. I’m sure in the following days we will find out ourselves if they indeed were true to their promise.

Here’s the list of the new prepaid load expiration validity as of July 19, 2009:

10-or-less load – 3 days
10-20 load – 7 days
20-30 load – 10 days
30-40 load – 14 days
40-P50 load – 17 days
50-60 load – 20 days
60-70 load – 21 days
70-80 load – 24 days
80-90 load – 30 days
100-150 load – 45 days
150-200 load – 60 days
200-300 load – 90 days
300-600 load – 150 days
600 to 1,000 load – 180 days


  1. Wow that’s good to hear! thank you for posting this information

  2. hindi yata sinusunod ng mga telco smart and globe, 300 load is 75 days lang

  3. yung sa Globe wala atang changes, sa smart and sun na expiry of load satisfy naman ako..kasi nagtatagal sya sakin kahit papaano.. nakakatamad tuloy magload sa globe, nag eexpire agad yung 20 pesos ko :(

  4. t4m4 phOw k4yoW j4N… 4n6 8¿L¿s m4w4L4 n6 LO4d KOw zh4 sM4rT, 6Lob3 4+ sUn… k4y4 d¿ nL4n6 4kOw N46LolO4d PowhzZ… h4y… mwu4huGzZh….

  5. it seems that they are back again to their old ways. I monitor my usage (i do purely text) on my smart prepaid. i usually load php50 and i check my balance everyday and this is my observation: they subtract php10 each day whether i texted somebody or not and on top of that, any text charges is still subtracted. so the php50 has a validity of 5 days without usage, if you use it for 10 texts, that would be 4days…..

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